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                                                               A NEW DAWN IN FGC LAGOS

It is a great honor to be the Principal of this college as there is no greater calling than to teach young people. Though I officially took up the leadership of FGC Lagos in February 2017, I seem to know the school well, been a parent of graduates of this college. I know that this college has a broad curriculum that offers a variety of options for learners to enable them to excel in life. In addition, teachers are experienced and highly dedicated to their duties. Also, that learners of this college are good not only academically but in sports and other organized activities.


I highly appreciate the college’s great effort and commitment to providing all-round education to learners. Apart from striving for advancement in academic achievement, the college offers great opportunities for learners to take part in varieties of extra-curricular activities to broaden their exposure and insights. It makes sure learners imbibe good attitude and moral values.

The achievement of the college did not come easy. The drive for excellence is a priority to the college with the resultant effect of being a culture. As the Principal of the college, I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely appreciate the entire staff for their professionalism and commitment to duty, the parents for their support and the learners for being highly focused.

Being the Principal, I have a strong determination to promote harmony, dedication and a win-win scenario for everyone in this college. Harmony can be interpreted as ‘team cohesion’. As long as we have a dedicated team aiming for the same goal, the outcome of leaners is high.

Teaching and learning are the core activities of a college, therefore we make good use of every minute of invaluable time on improving learners’ performance. I hope to support teachers in their Continuous Professional Development in order to enhance and serve as motivation to them and for more effective teaching for learners’ progress. Great teachers are the most important ingredient to the success of our college. These, I am lucky to inherit and I am grateful to God for that.

The college will continue to focus on promoting a high level of learning culture. There is a quality provision of all it takes to make a conducive environment for teaching and learning. I hope to align with the vision of the FME and the college as stipulated in the NPE, so as to move the college forward from where my predecessor stopped. 

I am aware that there are many new things for me to learn and I am willing to add to my wealth of experience; With a great team of teaching and non-teaching staff and excellent learners, I expect a continuous and sustainable advancement in learning and teaching in FGC Lagos.

Finally, my overall intention as the new principal is to leave an indelible mark on the college and to elevate the standard of the college to a more enviable level by God’s Grace.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr.(Mrs) O.A.U Essien.


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