Arts And Social Science

Arts and Social Science Department has the following units:

Christian Religious Knowledge Unit

The unit specializes in teaching C.R.S, not only as a subject but making sure the students learn good morals, which will make them better citizens in the future.As our motto reads ‘Excellence in learning and character’.

The Staff of the unit are:

  • Chukwudumogu, N. Mrs. – H.O.S
  • Nwachukwu, U. Mrs.
  • Ukatu P. O. Mrs.
  • Ogugua, A. Mrs.
  • Offor,L.A. Mrs.
  • Okelowo, T. O. Miss


Government Unit

The ultimate aim of teaching Government in this College is to produce responsible and visionary citizens who would make positive impacts in the social, economic and political affairs of this country and in the world as a whole.

The Staff of the unit are:

  • Mrs. Okafor, B. C. -H.O.S
  • Mr. Adewale
  • Mrs. Matthew
  • Mrs. Osisi,N.
  • Miss. Ebohdaghe,M.


History Unit

This unit adequately handles the teaching of history which is tailored to achieving the objective of the Nigerian Senior Secondary School history curriculum.This is to afford the students the opportunity to learn the history of their country as well as that of Africa and the wider world.

The unit also organises and supervises Historical society to foster and sustain students in the study of History.