The English Unit is responsibile for the teaching of English Language and Literature in English. In addition, the unit manages the college publications – The Builders and The Parrot. The unit also coordinates the Drama Club, Literacy and Debating Club, Press Club and Writing Club.

The Staff of this Unit are:

  1. Mrs. R. O. Mbachi-H.O.S.
  2. Mrs. B.E. Igherighe
  3. Mrs. E.O. Adika
  4. Mrs. J. N. Blyden
  5. Mrs. O. O Oladapo
  6. Mrs. O. F. Owean
  7. Mrs. I. M. Udugba
  8. Mrs. O.O. Olufowobi
  9. Mrs. A. O Olagunju
  10. Mrs. V. O. Adiukwu
  11. Mrs. V. O. Agboola
  12. Mrs. F. Okoro

The Unit has represented the Schools in external competitions, winning many prizes in the process.

Recently, the literary and debating club came first in competitions held at Corona Secondary School Agbara.The topic debated on was – Global Economic Meltdown, Social Security is a viable option in Nigeria.