The School Song/The Builder

1. Builder of bridges across young minds In works and deeds with might and main Here we bring a resolve that finds  In service its joy and ample gain Knowledges we seek where're it winds Discounting cost, defying pain; For there we're taught, liberty lies Where fear recedes and prejudice dies   2. Since to build is the fate we bear Let us procure each fitting tool Honour and truth we must hold dear, Justice we learn inside our school And outside its walls, both far and near We hear the boom of its changeless rule Build to last, build on me I am the basis of unity.   3. Onward pressing one and all We'll always endeavor to play our part Ever heeding the clarion call, Never lacking in the Zeal to impart The Values acquired, both great and small With hands and head united with heart, Let us pursue the task in hand Like a loyal, Obedient band.