Vocational Department has the following units: Computer Unit The unit teaches computer studies as well as Information and Communication Technology. The training of staff to be 21st century compliant is a responsibility shouldered by the unit. Other responsibilities handled by the unit are: Update of information on the college website and portal. Handling the students’ database. Compute the students result and question papers for examination. The Staff in the Unit are: Oyelola E.O Mrs – H.O.S Taiwo T.J Nweke H.C Mrs Kolawole P.B Owoeye J. Mrs Anah P.C Mrs Odeniran C. Mrs CISCO :- Cisco IT Essential course has been introduced in the computer studies curriculum. Students are taught how to assemble computer systems, install software, maintenance and trouble shooting. This programme is taken in SS1 and SS2 classes and made compulsory for the student. The first batch of SS2 students will take their international examination this term. And they will be awarded a Cisco Networking Academy certification in IT essentials which is recognized word wide. STAFF TRAINING:- The computer unit organized workshops for academic staff on the Intel Teach Getting Started Course, a professional development programme that assist classroom teachers to acquire basic computer skills and develop the 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. One hundred and eight academic staff have participated in this training.  WEBSITE / SCHOOL PORTAL: Students results are now accessed online through the school portal.fgclagos.org.ng embedded in the college website www.fgclagos.org.ng . Also on the website are discussion forums for students, teachers and the public which are moderated. Please visit the college website for update information of the college. The college now has wireless internet service on its premises which has made browsing easier for both staff and students. The students’ use is strictly monitored. Solar electricity is installed in the ICT centre and used as an alternative source of electricity to power the lab when there is a cut in power supply from the PHCN. WORKSHOPS / SEMINARS ATTENDED National ICT In Education Conference, organised by SchoolNet Nigeria. Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Training, organised by The ICT Section of the FME. Teachers and Guidance Counselor’s Training Workshop, organised by the United State Consulate, Nigeria. COMPUTER CLUB: Our versatility in the students’ creativity has birthed a new concept in the computer Club which is been effected by the Computer department in collaboration with Art armar trA Ltd. This new concept have made its members to diversify and expound their knowledge in various educational packages and improve their creativity using animation packages in a world that is speedily being controlled by the impact of Information and Communication Technology(ICT). INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION NEW YORK UNIVERSITY ABU DHABI AND US EDUCATIONAL ADVISING CENTRE The college was one of the schools nominated by the NYU Abu Dhabi for a scheduled visit by its representative Yodit Beyene. The visit was an interactive session with the students to enlighten them on the opportunities open to them for a scholarship to study in one of the one of America’s most renowned research universities. She was in the company of Mrs Margaret Ayigbo of the Educational Advising Centre US Embassy Nigeria who also educated the students on the opportunities open to them to study in the United State. She further encouraged them to maintain high grades while in school and visit the US Educational Advising Service (EAC) at Marina for further information and educational advice. Furthermore, she said the centre concentrate on Nigerian students who have the academic qualifications and they would have access to library resources, computers, EAC programmes and information for study and scholarships in the US. WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY The World Environmental Day was marked by the college on the 3rd of June 2010. Thirty schools were involved the collaborative session while the students of the conservation club in Federal Government College Lagos made a presentation on Life In the Aquatic Environment. The college also hosted the Zonal World Environmental Competition conducted by the Federal Ministry of Education under the GLOBE (Global Learning Observation for Better Environment) programme. Presently, students of the conservation club are collaborating with St. Bonaventura School in Bavaria, Germany THE INTERNATIONAL INSPIRATION PROGRAMME This is designed by the British Council to transform the lives of children and young people in schools and communities through the power of sports. British Council is responsible for the Link between the college and Ivybridge Community College in UK. The partnership is to bring exchange of ideas in education through sports which would span for three years in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games that would be hosted in UK. The Deputy Head Teacher (Mr. Malcom Collins) and the Assistant Head Teacher (Mr. Andy Hulber) came for a three day visit to the college. A reciprocal visit is arranged by the British Council in June. SOUTH AFRICAN / NIGERIAN COLLABORATION This is a collaboration facilitated by Microsoft Educational Lead in collaboration with the Government of the two countries. There are six schools participating in the collaboration, three schools from Nigeria and South Africa. The Nigerian schools are - Federal Government College Ijanikin, Baptist Boys High School Abeokuta and Gwarimpa Government College Abuja) while the South African schools are – Fish Hoek Primary School Capetown, Eden College Durban and Eunice High school Bloemfountein. The aim of this collaboration is a Nigeria – South Africa partnership for a better Africa. Students of the partnering schools had live conferencing (collaboration) on issues of Xenophobia, Identity and Human Rights using the technology Microsoft Live Meeting to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of the Bi-National Commission between the two countries. During the collaboration, the Minister of State for Education in Nigeria and the Deputy Minister Department of Education South Africa were in attendance. In continuation of this collaboration, the students are carrying out a project tagged ‘Paying It foward’. The students are involved in a community work of enlighten the Ijanikin Community of dangers of Hepatitis. DFID GLOBAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP It is a partnership facilitated by British Council to promote partnerships between schools in the UK and Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Carribean. The college is collaborating with Dixie Grammar School in Bosworth Leicestershire, UK. The aim of the programme is to raise young people’s awareness of global development issues and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens.   Technical Studies Unit The subjects taught in this unit are: Applied Electricity Basic Electricity Technical Drawing. The students of the unit are actively involved in the Jet Club birth within and outside the School. There are five teachers presently in the unit. Mr. Adeleke O. S- H.O.S Mr. Olayiwola J. A Mr. Akala T. A. Mr. ShaibuJ. U Mr. Adelakun Mr. F.A Udo Udoh   Visual Art Unit Visual Art Unit covers a programme in Arts and Crafts and other related areas for students such as: Sculpture Architecture Graphics Textiles Ceramic Pottery Interior Decoration Photography and Metal work Drawing and painting Teachers of the unit are:- Akinwande, O. T. (JP) – H.O.S Takuon Ever D. (Mr) Osadebe, A.(Mr.) Momodu, M.A.(Mr.) Achime, T. N.(Mr.) Adeyemo, I. F. (Mrs)   Home Economics Unit The unit covers the following: Catering and Hotel Management Art Application Interior Decoration Consumer Education Dietetics Hair Weaving and surrounding be Beautification Extension work and counselling. The Staff of the unit are: Mrs. M. N. Iloka Mrs. R. L. Obah Mrs. R. N. Awurum Mrs. R. E. Towoju Mrs. E. F. Ayeni-Non Teaching Mrs. U. A. Ometha-Non Teaching   Agricultural Science Unit The unit is well equipped with modern agricultural equipment and covers effectively practical areas such as Poultry Farm and Crop production farm eg. maize, cassava. The Staff of the Unit are: Mrs. Azeez – H.O.S Mr. Daodu Mrs. Jibrin-George Mrs. Sole Mrs Adieme   Financial Accounting Unit Financial Accounting is one of the Vocational Education which provides the technical knowledge and vocational skill necessary for commercial and economic development in the bid to be self-reliant. The Staff of the unit are: Mrs. A.D. M. Adande – H.O.S. Mrs. Osiahala D. E. Mr. Iyebote F. E.   Commerce Unit The Unit provide students the foundation needed in careers such as: Business Administration Marketing Stock Broking Insurance Banking and Finance Accountancy Advertising Mass Communication Business Education Public Administration The Staff of the unit are: Mrs Kalu – H.O.S Mrs. Afolabi Mrs. Dibia Mrs. Amadu